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This is a new post

2015-05-20 16:44:28 by RoobyKillAll

Hey this is a new post. I've been here for too long.

Moving forward

2011-01-09 19:41:12 by RoobyKillAll

So I deleted most of my garbage hate inspired raps and changed my rap handle to Ratrap. I've been working on an album using shaggyhaired's beats. I know everyone's in to gangster raps about bitches and hoes, but if you're looking for something that isn't going to make you stupid, check out my 2010/2011 tracks out.

Who's watching?

2010-12-13 08:17:54 by RoobyKillAll

So I woke up this morning and realized the song that myself and my girlfriend had produced called "Rusted Memories" has vanished from my page. No explanation. This worries me a fair bit, since I've been trying to rap with a much more positive message.

It's all about the perpetual hate machine. So as a good person, I no longer feel safe. That's about all I can say.

So, I don't think I'm going to be around on this site much longer. Shit's just got me spooked.


2010-11-16 19:19:30 by RoobyKillAll

Ok so everyone's probably already forgotten about me but oh well. My focus isn't really on Newgrounds anymore, what with a full time job roofing, a girlfriend, ad many other hobbies. I'm working on an album (again) except this time I'm probably going to finish it. I wont be releasing individual tracks anymore. Anyways, yeah things are great and fun. Hope everyone's doin' alright.


News... update

2009-10-07 20:45:31 by RoobyKillAll

Yeah so I'm a full time roofer now, I make decent money, have my own place, my own things, my own life. My girlfriend Kayla (wtfyourface) lives with me. We have 3 cats LOL. I've got a pretty awesome home entertainment system too. Pretty big move up in the world from living in a tool shed this time last year.

PS. she's the best girlfriend in the world ;)

PPS. Yes I know it's been awhile since I've released any new tracks but I promise I'm gettin' back up on that... For the few fans I have... Oh, and myself I guess.

Nickels Dimes & Rhymes

2009-04-20 12:05:24 by RoobyKillAll

Sup folks. Well my seasonal job at H&R Block ended so now I need to move up out of the hometown and get a real job. Probably going to be doing roofing or something. So if I don't release any tracks for awhile, don't stress. Just working on life 'n shit.

Nickels Dimes & Rhymes (so far)

Running Thirsty (0% equalized)
Holding These Keys (0% equalized)
People Storage Facilities (0% equalized)
My Separate Lives (0% equalized)
In It But Not Of It (0% equalized)
Punching Holes In Me (0% equalized)
Places We Could Go (0% equalized)
Never Hesitant (0% equalized)
Spontaneous (0% equalized)

Nickels Dimes & Rhymes

Nickels Dimes & Rhymes ROOBY.22S

2009-01-18 21:31:01 by RoobyKillAll

Sup folks of the BBS, Flash Portal, and the Audio Portal. Just updating the news here. I'm currently working on a new album "Nickels Dimes & Rhymes". After my warm up album "Mercenary Days, Mandatory Ways" I feel up to putting out a full blown album with the lyrical skills I've been working on the past year. Mad props to war-spawn and nietzlawe for making all of this possible. Album's going to be anywhere from 12 - 15 tracks. Hopefully be able to sell it for 10$ a pop locally no prob. Get myself some bread and butter through this because Lord knows I can't get a job that doesn't include dope or ink. XD

I'll be updating the track list as I put them out, then I'll probably equalize them after before putting it all onto a cd. Going away for 2 weeks to hang out with my girlfriend because it's too damn cold to be living in a tool shed right now. When I get back, more tracks. That's fact.
I'm home a week early because I got a call saying I got this desk job for H&R block answering the phone, getting clearance codes, making appointments and file numbers and shit. So I'm gonna have a little extra cash in my pants to... you know, live and stuff. So... I'm definitely going gung-ho on this rap shit right. now.
Peace out.

*Rooby.22's comes from my alias here "RoobyKillAll. Two roman numerals in KillAll being Il ll, = Rooby 2 2. Rooby.22s is born. So if you folks have any misconceptions of me actually owning a .22 Smith and Wesson I'm going to be talking about in this album it's my mother fucking brain.*

COLLAB. These are the kind folk I want on some tracks for the album.


*Feel free to post flows still, I will respond lyrically.*


-2009, The year of all my Nickels and Dimes made with fly Rhymes.-

No particular order for the album, except Running Thirsty.

Running Thirsty (0% equalized)
Holding These Keys (0% equalized)
People Storage Facilities (0% equalized)
My Separate Lives (0% equalized)
In It But Not Of It (0% equalized)
Punching Holes In Me (0% equalized)
Places We Could Go (0% equalized)
Never Hesitant (0% equalized)
Spontaneous (0% equalized)
This is My Rifle Ft. S.cRath (50% completed lyrics) (0% recorded) (0% equalized)

Nickels Dimes & Rhymes ROOBY.22S

Rooby.22's day has come.

2008-12-27 13:24:52 by RoobyKillAll

Hello folks of the BBS and the Audio Portal. This is my page basically. Been here since 2004 submitting things everywhere I could getting as involved in this community as I could. I honestly love this place, there is no end to the things you can do around here.

That being said, in this little nook of Newgrounds, I want you to post some verses against me for kicks just exercizing flows or get me to write a co-op verse. Whatever, just post ya flows and I'll respond with original on the spot flows. Don't bother beefing because I could really care less.

I'm down for collaborating with any credible rap artist here on NG. Just hit me up with a PM and we'll get goin' on some tracks.

*I'm deleting responses that aren't in verse format. This means your Broken-Needle. Even your verses aren't in verse format.*

If ya just listen to it bitch this obliterated
As you've hesitated, guns been instated
As this fun gets jaded stunned by the shit you sayin
And y'know Sonic's never leavin' neither
Through the fall of Sega breathin' like a pheonix
Sorry for correctin' ya but that brah's got more balls
Than all of us in a rumble or a brawl so stall
when ya call on that hedgehog, makes ya fumble
As you try and tag along, you lag and crumble
when you just talkin' on ya songs.
So gimme a lil cuddle, huddle up ta ya bigger brotha.
Just be careful when I smother ya
in words stainin' brains like mustard.
Then ya mother, well I stuffed her,
Took her to dinner and fuckin' loved her
So while you lil teeny boppers spittin slash talkin'
My jaws been locked on droppin' plots
that end with my glock poppin'.

Freestyle Battle Challenge

2008-12-10 16:33:21 by RoobyKillAll

Alright NG listen up. A lot of you like to think you got flow and you know your way around a verse. This is a call out to all you lyricists and song writers in an all out battle against me.

The rules:
I don't care what you write, I'm just going to try and respond with something better until someone writes something so amazing I choke or something.

No one take shit personal. I don't need 32 PM's telling me how much I suck and should die. Because I don't care.

So go to the Hip Hop Audio Portal, put on some beats and try to fucking rip me up! Whatchu got NG?

Broken-Needle, from now on I'm deletin' ya posts unless its a flow for that my page is advertisin' here. Don't even speak my name again until you can breathe some original shit and take this seriously. Beef over scores prove it. No matter what you've said, the scores. Prove. It. Your flow is just simply not as good as mine. Work on it before ya come back.

And as I sit here, listenin' to this beat
I keep givin' in to the flavor of the week
And this shed I'm livin' in, with nothin' to eat
just be messin' with my head, until I can't speak
And as the roof leaks and fucking mice squeek
I just think of all the people who wish they were me
Standin' by the steeple hoping Jesus speaks to me
And shed some light on destiny, fucking born to be.
And now I'm comin' up like a storm you see,
Blowin' out these trees like they little bumblebees
And as you stand there, mumbling on your knees
Pleading for your life, begging please for mercy,
I throw ya in a hearse 'n speed to cover ya in dirt.
Wipe that smirk off your face before ya get merked,
in some corner street alley way as I fuckin' go bizzerk.
Man listen to me as I take this shit first
'Cus my Smith and Wesson kicks with a burst.
And you know I aint stressin' as I call your name next then,
Cut you through the neck then replenish my blood thirst
just another slaughter in the pig pen dirt.

Things aint so bad...

2008-11-30 16:47:00 by RoobyKillAll

So, Doug, the legal owner of the home I stay at with my best friend Steve (DevlinEdora) , is back from Alberta. I was all worried I was gonna be on the curb again, but it was quite the opposite. He hooked my shed up with cable. So now for the first time in my life I have 64 channels to watch. Built a decent bunk bed over all my electronics. Very homely. Also got a kitten named Belle. Very nice cat. Kinda of a symbol of stability for me.

This summer me and a friend of mine are going out to Alberta to work. Coming home with something like 50,000$ in my pockets. Get some shit started.